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Client Acquisition For Coaching Businesses – Live Mastermind Reply

How to get clients and grow your coaching business without focusing on marketing, ads and content.


When a business isn’t growing, most business owners think the problem has something to do with their marketing, content or ads.

In this video we uncover the real cause and where you should be spending your time and focus instead.

Here’s what we cover:

– Why marketing doesn’t work

– How to create a valuable business

– How to focus on high value tasks when getting clients

– Funnels, emails, content and ads

– Why most businesses don’t grow

This is a recording from our in-person Apex Mastermind Event.

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So that’s that’s messaging.


For lead gen, which is like we could then pull this down and go ads.


But it’ll also be post, so it adds an organic.


Basically everything. Emails, website, all that sort of stuff should reflect the messaging. So Like a key point here is that all of these things, like when a business isn’t growing or is plateaued, that is it’s not like some mysterious thing. It’s that it’s a it it it comes from this.


Right? So it’s like, if this whatever level this is at is going to tell me what this is at, to send what this is at and this is at. You can almost think of it as a scale, it’s like the potential of a business. Like if these are all that, like, meh, then the potential of that business might be ten k a month.


If it gets better, it goes to fifty, and a hundred. Right? And so the better these things, the better the ability to grow. So you can’t yeah.


You can’t outgrow that. You’ll be capped at whatever the weakness is.


And so if we start at the top and work our way down, well by starting at top, everything gets better. But, yeah, that’s why businesses don’t grow. They just All this stays the same, and they spend all their time, like, trying new ads. And so when you say starting at the top of delivery, things we went through yesterday scope, speed, secret level, and that mainly that should have a cascade effect to everything improving.


Yep. It’s a product. So, like, the better the product Like messaging, we’re talking about — The product. — the product.


Offer product, ads product, everything product.


No. Because Yeah. But when we spoke about, like, that potential, it doesn’t need to be great to, like, get some clients. But then after that, it becomes more and more important.


So that you first given clients and then Yeah. Yeah. Because that’s, like, you can’t tell someone to spend three months improving their products if they’re, like, can’t pay rent. So it’s like, get them out of that.


And also, it like, gets people to take it more seriously. It’s like, oh, I can do this. I can get clients. And so now it’s like worth the effort?


Yeah. Instead of just being, like, make a good product. And also, you probably aren’t really in the old good news. So you should get some clients and talk to them. I think my budget on getting clients might even fire reflect like a margin.


I’m improving as I go because I’m getting feedback at the insights. It’s also where, like, one on one is the best place to start. Yeah. Because it’s live. You don’t have an actual product to your what you’re doing is a product.


So I can do that, the bottleneck bang, through that through that. Yeah. That’s why starting with an online course is a bad idea.


Because it’s not gonna be very good.


And it’ll probably take six months. I see one of the modules you said about doing one on one for at least a year, wasn’t it? So that you get the data inside. Is that still really I would put a time frame on it, but it’s like a certain number of clients. Like, you need Yeah. Yeah.




It’s more so like when you start to see the patterns.


Because often, like, you’ll speak to someone who’s doing one on one.


And they’ll say, like, I can’t do a program or something more automated because everyone’s different.


If that’s what you think then you don’t understand it well enough, because you’ll start to see these patterns emerge like, oh, there’s actually only five problems.


Or five different situations or four.


Yeah. If every person looks different, it’s that you’re missing a higher in this example, core problem. So everyone’s ads look different, but it’s all like messaging.


So, yeah, that comes with a bit of experience with trial and error. And then you also start to see the things that work for everyone.


You know, sometimes you think this thing’s really important because I learned it somewhere or it works for me, but it doesn’t work for most other people. So yeah. One one’s great for experience.


I suppose, like, if your if your business is growing, you can’t do something right.


You know, like if if like, if it is improving, if you’re making more money, if you’re getting more time back, if you’re enjoying your job more, you’re kinda getting better.


You know, implemented. Right? That’s kinda how white. Yeah.


Click up, shit. I’m kind of onto something. It’s not perfect. I’ve got something.


Yeah. Yeah. Once you get to the point that, like, your clients are getting results and and you know why, then then you could. I guess back to that point, you said, I think it was just that to start that can I be okay, like, if I don’t get it straight away, but I’m constant knowing that I’m constantly improving, you know, something around that?


Yeah. Just improving. That’s all long as you’re doing that, you go in there. You can’t lose.


Yeah. That’s it. Yeah.


So yeah. Or so you could, like, break it. It’s like, I kept on doing what I wanted to, like, hook it up. So a group was my only option, which is why it didn’t affect any of this.


Yeah. But you kind of broken it if it wasn’t good You know? Yeah. So it’s like, you wouldn’t have got that point if it sucked?


Yeah. Yeah.


Because people would be not buying.


So yeah. And you may not see that cap because like all of these things are basically this is a value, let’s say.


Let’s give the value of a hundred.


Then depending on how good your messaging is gonna be, like, at what percent is it reflecting this? Know, so that exercise we went through then, it was like a way to better explain your messaging. But look, it hasn’t changed what you do, what you do say the same, and now we’re maybe saying it in a better way. So maybe it’s gone from, like, fifty percent to seventy percent. Or maybe even a hundred percent, but it’s only as good as this, because we can’t say things that we don’t do. We can’t we’re not making up variables in terms of the problems.


So yeah. There there’s like there’s room to move by improving these things. And this? And this? But at some point, like, the the the limit is set by that.


Yeah. Like a great example is Amazon. This is how I first started to think about this as, like, most businesses they’ll have a product and it’ll be average, and they’ll just focus on marketing.


Amazon, it’s like it started as a ecommerce bookstore. It’s like how many ecommerce stores there, millions.


But didn’t say that way. It started adding things and improving and, like, getting faster shipping and then, like, one click purchase and then, like, different infrastructure to deliver things faster and then, like, Prime and Amazon web servers and, like, Kindle, these are all the same thing, but it’s improving it.


So it’s like a trillion dollar company.


So yeah.


It’s and it’s also good to know that because a thing I see pretty often and also I did the same thing.


I made this mistake. Once your business is at, like, a decent point, you’re like, oh, let me start a new business.


And it’s not really a good idea. But you can still start a new business, essentially, in that same business. By adding something new within it.


Right? So Essentially.


Essentially. Yeah.


Yeah. I’ll run through this more tomorrow about, like, for example, intelligence. How it currently is is fine. But the goal of that would be to have it so good that it could be its own tracking software on its own, that you could sell as a different business, but they’re not doing that and just putting it into this thing.


Right? So it’s like you get the same excitement of starting something new and, like, you get to work on something new. But it’s still just building the one thing versus having all these different businesses that they’ll probably suck.


But to explain to them.


Yeah. What can you bolt on to your business?


Remember we talk about enterprise value?


It’s kinda like that. It’s like, we used to track with a Google Sheet.


Now we have like trucking so far. So it’s like it’s better. It’s more asset. It’s an asset too business wise.


Mhmm. You don’t have a good ball, but he didn’t value a lot of Yes. Like, think about that balance sheet if you’re a cellular business. Like, Google Docs is not going on that.


What do you want on setting business for? You don’t? I mean, you might not want to. It’s an exercise.


If you were to sell your business.


Here, eventually. But I’m not saying to do it for that. Like, at some point, you might wanna say business. But it’s more to, like, how they make this business more valuable.


Because that’s pay win long term. Like, I think it’s Warren Buffett says that in it’s kinda like the market talk about the marketbee. So in the short term, it’s a floating machine, in the long term, it’s a weighing machine.


And so you want a heavy business.


Does that make sense? No. So things can be considered good in the short term by people saying it’s good, like people voting.


Oh, I like that. That’s good.


But in the long term, it’s weighed.


It’s like Amazon is a very, very, very heavy business because there’s so many parts of it. It’s very heavy.


Right? At the start, there wasn’t no one voted for it. But it was Wade.


Well, now it’s Wade. That’s great.


So what was that quote? Like, you simplified that, like, short term as margin?


Long term wait.


So what made you create a term? Was that a value to No. That was that thing I just told you not to do.


Now, I’m trying to figure out how to merge them. Right. I was gonna ask you to regret that, but not to let you to anyone. I mean, you can I don’t regret that? I wouldn’t have done it.


If I have re if I redid things, I wouldn’t have done it. But I don’t regret it. Because now I can see it playing into this.




So it happens around race.


Yes. When you learn? You win all you learn.


Yeah. And it’s like, it’s pretty. Like, it’s doing pretty well. Like, next Just do something outside and just like love this. Right? Yeah, accidentally.


But, yeah, we’re on the lake.


Create we’ve got a new line of products coming out for entrepreneurs, and then I wanna create products for different types of coaches to give to their clients.


So like so you then and then make it like a bolt on revenue stream for coaches. So it’s like you sell these products to your clients that are specific to that industry like maybe fitness, for example. And then, yeah, you get the affiliate. Yeah. Are you going to create that in the future? Yes. Is that where you see Yeah.


Yeah. I lost I lost to this couple. That’s good. That’s good.


Affiliate market. Yeah. Yeah. Because I could wire your products to my client. Yes. That’s affiliate with what we’ve got, which I might do.


But we’re bringing out I wanna bring out new ranges that are specific so that specific.


Mhmm. Four coaches to give their clients. Because it’s like a it’s another it’s an incentive to follow through with something. If there’s like a tablet that you take every day that’s reminding you of the goal that you this program for, it’s another reminder. So it’s another, like, tool in the arsenal of commitment for your clients.


So yeah. And you’re building my current version of school?


Let’s talk about that tomorrow.




It’s a subprime moments. Okay?


Because you’ve got six good things. Right? And you wanna make it an enterprise and you’ve got with school. So Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Yeah. It’s not just school. So we yeah. We are building Yeah.


Yeah. But it’s more focused on pretty much everything we’re covering yesterday. We’re like, the serotonin, the steps, the progress, and then within that acquisition as well. So The aim is to solve delivery in that position.




But, yeah, having products that you can then sell to your clients that are part of it increases that too. So Anyway, the point there is don’t sell the new business, make it part of the current one. We’ll have been better.


So That’s the lesson.




Next. Cool. Does that make sense? To grow your business, it’s this. It’s not like fancy retargeting ads or anything like that. It’s this.


So we’ve covered Legion messaging, and then lead nurture.


So if we actually, I’ll flip this over.


Pick it up.


So if you look at this, it’s like, this is the process that goes from here to here.


And so it’s kind of like a mirror because this is like you’re you’re talking to them. And then here they’re talking to you and then here they’re talking to you and then here you’re talking to them.




So it’s kinda like the what the dialogue.


Here you’re saying, here’s who I’m looking for. Then you’re asking questions like they’re telling you stuff.


And then that continues here and then that is done there.


You tell them what you do, and that completes it. And so yeah. The the ads and the messaging are gonna determine the people that start this process.


And then we can think of this process here as like qualification more than anything.


Right? Since it’s like they’re selecting themselves and then here you’re selecting them, making sure that they’re right.


I think you’ll explain what you do. And so this is messaging and this is offer, and this is the bridge.


Does anyone have any questions in regards to lead nurture?


And now why would when we do my nurture do I dance? Right?


For for that acquisition system, yes, but it extends beyond that. It could be, like, sending emails, like, broadcast.


Do you have a list? Yeah. That’s a good day, man.


Things. Yeah. Right now. Yeah. Because for the most part, there’s not that much you need to do.


That’s because it’s a good system.




I gotta raise I gotta raise my voice box from circling back. It’s not it’s actually better Follow-up.


One and twenty.


Yeah. All of this is these sorts of things are the nurture.


Basically, this is like getting someone into your pool or ecosystem, and this is moving them through the call.




So the reason that you probably don’t do any of that is because you don’t really need to.


The old strategies like funnels and stuff required this stuff. You would need, like, a twenty email email sequence to make it work, which is another good system. We spoke about the different things like models, it’s a ineffective model. Well, not ineffective, but suboptimal.


I got one in twenty with follow ups, so that’s five percent. It’s like, all these things help.


That’s like, do you need it?


So Is there a system we don’t need to do sales calls in that It’s the way that it works. Right? But my mind is still going there is so many people doing the funnel all this other stuff.


So when they don’t do so I’ve listened to stuff where they’re saying, no, we don’t need to do sales calls. It’s they’re just getting people to pay for a product. Listen to lots of stuff. And I was never I’ve never seen that happen.


So I It’s your answer.


People can say a lot of things. Yeah. So does that even work like has anyone had that happen where they’ve sold their program?


Without a sales call. That’s my Poor pickles, low branded without sales calls. Yeah. Yeah.


Low tick low ticket. Low ticket. No. Low ticket.


If you wanna charge for these seven dollars. Yeah. You’re in this house. Cool.


Okay. So I want something for a grand without Was that brand? I think brand, because Yeah. Yeah.


That yeah. Yeah. It’s It’s not impossible. It’s just it’s very, very difficult, and it’s not worth the effort and the cost and the profit.


Like, it’s kind of Yeah. The sorry. It’s nearly yeah. Yeah.


Like, we used to do system. You know what? Consistent science that way.


One. So we used to do like an automated webinar.


Automated webinar? Yeah.


And but the price was only eighteen hundred. So you can’t really go over two k.


And, like, the profit margins were razor thin. And that was, like, a really, really refined system. I spent probably twelve months refining that and maybe, like, ten percent profit margins.


Really variable.


Yeah. So there’s no There’s no, like, twenty eight times ROIs. And there’s no point in us even if we had facilities to keep, like, make this is the main thing. But if we can get one sale a month from something that we’ve got existing without sales, tools, you know, like Which is not worth it. It’s it’s pretty much a full time job.


Oh, yeah. I I was pretty much So you love salesforce now?


Yeah. I I are the two things that I was injured. So what I’ll go through tomorrow is this thing, and I’ve got this idea, and it is a way that I think we’ll remove the sales call.


But it’s untested.


But I’m pretty confident. Oh, I’m not able to test it for you.


Well, each one of those things is, like, it’s it’s its own thing. So, like, if you had an automated webinar, it’s nearly a full time job. What if you want? Have an automated webinar.


It’s like a full time job. It’s like you need to be testing ads constantly.


And then the landing page, you need to improve. And then, like, sometimes the landing page software breaks, and then you’ve got emails and sometimes the trigger doesn’t fire through Zapier. And so then you need to fix that and you optimize those things and you split testing that, And you’ve got the the thank you page, the registration page, the pre webinar page, all of these need videos, which need to be optimized, and copy, And then you’ve got the sequences if someone doesn’t show up, if someone shows up and leaves early, and then if someone goes the ember doesn’t buy, And then you need the offer and the webinar. Billing really tired. Yeah. Thanks for Or you could just increase your ad spend.


Take me back to pre pre cosign. No. Yeah. Yeah.


I get that. Like, that that did not work for me because I did for a year. That’s really hard to make a lot. But what I’m saying is so many people are promoting that that can happen.


I’m like, well, does it happen? Like, does it, you know? Well, you can, but by March, you can. Okay. So it’s back to the It’s not it’s not a good way to even think about how that problem without thinking about Yeah. It’s it’s like when we’re talking about time and value of tasks. It’s like there’s a ten task and a one task.


Yes. You could spend time on the one task and it could be seen as positive, but if you’re not doing the ten task, then it’s not positive as negative.


And if by the way, you can get as you get bigger, you can get those from internal referrals.


I I get the people paying four k by someone like, hey, you need to go with James. This is how there is. It’s four k. Call him with a credit And I called and I and I go, I wanna stop. And I said, what what what percentage would you say?


I’ve got about forty clients and four of them have come through. So ten percent of the current client base.


Is for people who’ve — Very cool. — pulled me up — Yeah. — or gone.


I’ve been told I need to do whatever it is that you’re doing. Yep. So it’s good. Let me go And so I have a and and but to be fair, you know, a lot. Because I heard from Connor, I go, that’s cool. Thank you, but we still need to have a call.


Sounds stupid but and I’ve just told you that I don’t do this on my other sales calls, which is hilarious. But if I get that, I’m just I’m I’m gonna freak out this not my point of time because I haven’t that gone through the kind of funnel. Yeah. So I don’t know what they responded to. I don’t know what my client has promised. That’s the other problem with that system. Besides the fact actually getting the client, but then the client sucks.


Like I don’t know that promised them. I don’t know my internal.


Like why that comes to me and stuff like they come internally. And then how are you gonna do that, man? You’re gonna get rid of stuff.


No. But I like honestly, I I wish this stuff was effective because I it’s probably the thing I know most about. Like, I more than anything I know about funnels and ads and emails and all that shit. Like, I wish it was effective because I’d love to talk about it, but it’s just it’s not it’s not a good use of time.


No. Yeah.


Not anymore. How much will this funeral? Oh, that’s several moons.


And that’s like that’s not just, like, spray and pray. That’s, like, meticulously analyzing every thousand impressions.


Yeah. It’s what it is. They they always freak out. You gotta have an email on this that you don’t have a tangible business.


Mhmm. I’ve one of those traffic sources go we were talking about this last night dinner. Right? And where it both on Instagram and if it’s a great go, is then Tell me where we place it though.


It’s not just gonna go, and then there’ll be a void.


Right. Sunny will come along instantly. Right.


It’s still a better use of time to focus on your products, though, because that’s that will — Yeah. — get you more referrals.


From different businesses, but I that’s getting three and a half million to Google. Yeah. We spend like thirty to fifty k a month on Googleads for a ton of them. But in in my mind, let’s do That’s low ticket.


Yeah. We’ll do that. Yeah. So so that wasn’t as good as Carlos.


Yeah. So it’s different product. There’s, like, nine dollars.


Just the transcripts and the YouTube ads are not one.


Ferencing? Yeah. Just sensor. Yeah. Okay. The YouTube ads are more difficult.


And same like, there’s I promise you there’s no strategy that gets better cost than the one we run. Otherwise, we run it. Yes. We’re not holding out.


What’s that? I just wanna see a hospital. I’m just curious.


It’s just not necessary. Like, it it’s not it doesn’t not work. I’m not saying I’m not saying these things don’t work. I’m saying that the the value of those tasks are not as high as the other one.


Do some videos for YouTube. So you can stay on the phone content for YouTube and then have to make sense. Yeah. Every new thing you do is like a big commitment. It’s like a new job.


And, yeah, it just doesn’t really make sense. Can you think about like, this is a bit still optimal? Yeah. Not not that I’m aware of. I’m sure there I have a few people, like, rip us off.




Like, out stuff. That’s happened a couple times, but it doesn’t They get a teacher. Yeah. Okay. It’s much like an album of the R and D.


It’s gonna be doing Well, it’s like you Tomorrow, you don’t want that or no more. Well, we went through, like, how I made evolution and the thought that went into it. So you can copy it, but you’re not gonna what what you’re copying away. Yeah. And they’re not thinking about it on that level. So you can’t really copy it. Who who is in sync’s closest competitor just out of curiosity.


No. He’s not. Because I I I do both and then and so Yeah. Not Yeah.


Yeah. Yeah. But it’s like that it that’s just a strategy. Like, the strategy is less If it wasn’t for, like, the messaging and the offer and the sales, like, the strategy was like, you have calls, you know, it’s like it all comes together. You need all the pieces.


Yeah. I’m I’m certain there’s other people teaching at that. It’s a very Hello? So are they kind of, you know? Not to this extent.


And you obviously evolving that I’ve probably done now?


Well, that’s the thing. It’s like if you then Yeah. You need to understand it to teach it. Plus also, like, what if you have a client and they ask a question on q and a? And, like, you don’t know the answer because you didn’t figure it out.


You got me stumped.


Looks like an easy win.


That’s not a good thing to pursue ever. And sometimes, I can advise to do something. I’ll actually sell something.


Hey, I’ll pass something across and go, by the way, I don’t I I’ve used it. It’s great. I don’t know anything about how? So I use it at your own. Like, I’ll pass things across and say where they’re from if I am not if I have a completely read I’ve learned from something that we invented something myself, then I’ll let it, but I’ll always because I’m scared of the same thing. They come back and go, okay. Tell me a bit more about why I’m feeling on my bottom.


Yeah. I think that like, you wanna be talking about stuff that you understand.


Even if it’s, like, it tricks most people. That one like, that one moment of someone asking you a question, you don’t know.


Not worth it.


So, yeah.


Anyway, that’s why you don’t really need this stuff. But that’s not to say it doesn’t help Yeah. It’s just you can max out this system for less effort without having to do it.


So yeah.


If you’ve got, like, infinite resources, then, yeah, do all of that.




I haven’t posted in, like, eighteen months.


Again, I’m not saying it doesn’t help.


Oh, yeah. At at that start, yeah. There’s some things unnecessary.


Like, it you couldn’t really get away with having zero content.


That’s why in the modules just like you need at least nine posts. Yeah. You need a you need a complete grid. Yeah.


It’s like it’s also like the only advantage you really have if you’re just starting out. Like, because you don’t have the best product. So it’s like, well, get people to start voting. Yeah.


You don’t have testimony, but you don’t have feedback yet. You know what I mean? Yeah. But you can make people vote with content but it’s not gonna help the weighing.


Then the short time is good. Obviously, worried about that. Someone asking for just the manual. Oh, never mind, person.


I like going to a sales school? No. No. I like yeah.


I’m a sales school. Yeah. Yeah. For makers, you don’t have system or you’re When you said that, I’ve never had one.


Yeah. No. No. You’ve never had someone ask for it.


No. It’s never had someone ask for it. Yeah. But I was worried because I hadn’t had mine.


It’s given not just starting out. Mhmm. And so that was like a mindset shift for me.


Well, it means you’ve probably got, like, good offer and messaging.


Because people don’t like, that’s why nailing the problem in the ads good because it’s like if you can nail the problem, you instantly get the trust that you understand it. Someone’s like, okay, this person has to know what they’re talking about because they’ve said exactly what I’m experiencing. So it’s like instant trust. It bypasses testimonials and all that stuff. Yeah.


But if you don’t really have that stuff, then those things that like, the person’s skeptical to begin with. So they’re like, let me see some more.


Yeah. Again, they’re good to have. Like, I’m not saying they’re bad, they’re good. But Actually, that’s probably something that I would suggest trying to get. It’s just my initial cases like first through the first — Yep.


Yeah. Yeah. It’s good to have that. Helps. Because then you can also use it for the lead gen and sales, so they’re good.


Any questions about that? What about follow-up? Because that’s obviously something that we go through when we do a seek it’s a follow-up, but not to the extent that everyone else talks about like doing follow ups, you know, six months to four months. I love it. Yeah.


Yeah. Again, it’s good. It helps. But Yeah.


I I do. But let’s get Well, I would — Yeah. — personally. But that’s, like it’s it would be better to do more follow-up.


Yeah. We we did what Amy told us that it was just like the half after an hour, circle back after that like, we’ve got two things that take very little time. Mhmm. My VA goes and that’s supposed eight minutes a day.


Matt Max. I guess. Yeah. The the closer to the interaction, the more important follow-up. That’s it. I was If it’s been, like, twelve months, you don’t worry It’s like two like, I think it’s two days. It’s the that’s the three things of two days.


Mhmm. That’s one half an hour later one, like, later that night and wanna look at it later. And it’s got a five percent ten percent booking rate. Yeah. Which is good. Like, that’s that’s free.


Pretty pretty cool. Right?


I did not. I just listened to them.


So yes. Is the answer? Mhmm.


Yeah. Once we finish this up, we’ll go into that source up.


I do the forest cup thing not from here. Means are great. Yeah. Yeah. It’s good to do with sign one is legit. Yes. I’ll show you what’s that one?


Yeah. It’s because follow ups are annoying. You can counteract it with humor, and it, like, makes it better. Yeah. Yeah. But you can be more annoying if you’re more funny.




So Yeah. So like all With follow-up, you’ve got it’s basically just like diminishing returns after a period of time. So it’s like you could do twenty follow-up messages.


Each one’s gonna be less effective than the previous one. Yeah. But there there’s no point where it stops working. It’s just it because, again, they they are kind of being followed up because they’re going back on Facebook and then they said, yeah. Right. There if somebody engages, they’ll see the ad. So it’s like, it’s automatic.


But yeah. It’s just learning how to value your time more. So it’s like all these things work. But it’s like, is it the best use of my time to be posting content?


I mean, like, as you used to. Like, sit on the outside simple item because I mean, I get nothing. And then three to three weeks later, they’ll be like, what do you want from me? Yeah.


The up service could pull up as well.


A resource. They use one of Steve’s VA’s or something. So that’s Yeah. I got to incorporate an ebook just over a weekend or just something I learned on the podcast and be like, hey, you know, hey, Steve.


I’ve got something kinda cool that we’ve been working on. Would it be okay if I shared it with us? That much fun. Yeah.


That’s that one.


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