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Connor Marriott

CEO & Founder of Instinct Education


Connor Marriott is a 27 year old entrepreneur from South Australia. Beginning his career as a personal trainer in 2013, Connor progressed from working in the fitness industry after starting and growing two companies from $0 to $5 million in 2 years.  

Throughout his time as a marketer, Connor developed his skills of data analysis and conversion rate optimisation. In turn, he was able to apply those skills across the entire business, taking the same meticulous approach to maximise client results.

Today, Connor operates Instinct Education and Eternum Labs from the company’s head office in Queensland, Australia. With his notoriously straightforward, no-nonsense approach to business, Connor aims to equip others with the tools they need to succeed in the most efficient way possible.

Learn more about Connor by visiting his YouTube Channel here.


Connor’s availability for speaking engagements and private business consulting is limited, and on an application-only basis. If you are not able to work with Connor 1:1 we encourage you to explore Connors training programs here.

  • Private Business Consulting (approx. 3 hours) – $60,000
  • Speaking Engagement (Virtual) – $20,000
  • Speaking Engagement (in-person) – $100,000 
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Connor Marriott’s first business was a done-for-you marketing agency, offering social media management and website design to clients. Connor started out working 14 hours per day in an attempt to land his first client.

After 90 days, and over 80 successful meetings, he finally signed his first client. Following this, things started to escalate, with Connor bringing on more and more clients every week. As his portfolio of clients grew, the list of services Connor was offering continued to expand, as well as the size of the accounts he was managing.

Very quickly, Connor was managing advertising campaigns spending upwards of tens of thousands of dollars each day. Thanks to his “obsessive” approach to learning, Connor was able to meticulously analyse every aspect of his advertising campaigns, allowing him to build an extensive knowledge on all things digital marketing.



In early 2019, Connor Marriott began offering 1:1 coaching sessions to business owners to help teach them how to run their own advertising campaigns. Igniting a passion for teaching, Connor continued to improve the coaching side of his business, ultimately leading him to close down his marketing agency, to start his new venture; Instinct Education – an online education company focused on helping business owners grow.



Within 6 months, Instinct Education was generating over $200,000 each month, allowing Connor to continue expanding and optimising his program. What started as a simple online training program has since grown to an industry leading education platform, with a team spanning multiple continents, and over 5,000 clients from all over the world.

Instinct Education continues to improve their training programs, while enhancing their product suite with a multitude of business development solutions. Instincts Business Intelligence software seeks to solve the challenges faced with traditional business tracking software, allowing clients to analyse their acquisition systems, with AI powered projections and reports. The software also allows the Instinct team to monitor client success at all levels, identifying sticking points and bottlenecks of clients in real time.

The Ultra app was developed in an attempt to further improve client results, by gamifying the right daily actions and habits business owners should take. Following the successful ‘beta-test’ of the software, Instinct plans to realise a commercially available version of the Ultra software in 2023, providing a complete delivery solution for coaches seeking to maximise client success.



– Do the basics, better

– Success through our clients success

– End-to-end ownership

– Unreserved candour



Currently, Instinct Education are searching for Australia’s top coaches to join the ever expanding team. Instinct aims to change the perception of the coaching industry by setting the standard for coaching businesses. 

Due to the lack of regulation in the online education industry, quality standards are often not met in regards to coaches’ ability to deliver the promised transformation results their clients expect. Many coaches, whilst being qualified as a coach, lack the business systems and infrastructure to ensure client succeed. 

“Just because you’re qualified as a coach, doesn’t mean you know how to change the behaviour and actions of your clients in a meaningful way. Someone can know what to do, but it rarely means they do it. The problem with most coaching programs today is that they’re giving information, but information without action is meaningless. 

To maximise client results you need the right information, yes, but much more importantly, you need to ensure clients are able to consistently take the actions required to succeed. This means looking beyond just the content you teach. You need to consider every area of the client’s life. 

It’s like going to see a personal trainer to lose weight. You might have a great workout for the 60 minutes you’re at the gym, but what are you doing for the other 6 days and 23 hours of the week? If you’re not able to take the right actions when you’re not at the gym, then that 60 minute workout isn’t going to help.” 

Instinct Education is now hiring Australia’s top coaches in order to help train clients on becoming more skilled at their craft. Through improving the skills of coaches themselves, and pairing them with the business systems required to deliver amazing client results, Instinct aims to bridge the gap between being a coach, and having a great coaching business. 

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